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What is a Desperate Housecat?

Desperate Housecats are cats that are often overlooked in the shelter. In order to be classified as a Desperate Housecat they have to 5 years old or older, have been in the shelter system over 60 days or have a physical issue such as FIV, glaucoma or food allergies. 

Many of these cats have a very hard time with life in the shelter.  They are quickly overwhelmed.  These cats usually end up in a foster home where they can receive more attention and relax.

The Desperate Housecat program was created and is run by volunteers/fosters to help these cats find their forever homes.





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Desperate Housecats would like to thank all the generous donors of cat toys. The cats of Austin Animal Center love them.

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We are at:

Austin Animal Center

7201 Levander Loop

Austin, TX 78702



All Desperate Housecats are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations.



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